Mountain Living Magazine. July 2012

'Head in the Clouds' table

Article in the July edition of Mountain Living;

Kevin Showell is a master of many trades: 
He’s skilled in classic European handcarving, 
has carved trees for public artworks 
and makes beautiful wood elements 

for custom homes. Yet ask him to 
describe his vocation and he’ll give you 
one simple word: artist. “All my inspiration 
started in the West with Western 
and wildlife art,” says the Wyoming 
native. “I love going back to those themes 
because that’s where it began for me.” 
But Showell’s designs are modern-minded 
too. The Head in the Clouds table— 
designed for the Cody High Style 
exhibition and composed of a live-edge 
cherry top, fir legs, aluminum aprons and 
cottonwood carvings—speaks to this 
past-meets-present sensibility. The legs 
are slender and angled inward, the scale 
is stretched with an “Art-Deco styling” 
and the wood is light, giving the rustic 
piece a contemporary twist. “I wanted to 
do something Western and rustic,” 
Showell says, “but somehow make it work 
in a very modern setting as well.”